Welcome to Ulysses First United Methodist Church. Whether you are looking for a church home or in town for a visit, we are glad you stopped by. We encourage you to explore our ministries, serving opportunities, and events.

Ulysses and the UMC

These meetings are for church members and regular ministry participants who wish to know more about issues facing the United Methodist Church
denomination, and how those could impact our congregation. The 1.5 hour meetings are for information and discussion.  A minimum of four, and a maximum of five participants will be in each group. Contact Pastor Todd for more information, but sign up soon!

12th, 7p in the library for HOSTS ONLY

13th at 2p in Fireside, hosts LONG

14th at 1p in Fireside, hosts LONG

14th at U-Church 6.30-8p

18th at 2p in Fireside, host BAKER

19th at 2p at the Campbell Home, host VANA

20th at 6p in Fireside, hosts ALFORD

21st at U-Church 6.30-8p

27th at 1p at the Campbell Home, host VANA

28th at U-Church 6.30-8p

Upcoming Events

September 11th, 2022

Our annual Skeeter Shoot is coming up quick! Click below to print the registration form. Plese complete and return to Sam Sanchez via email at samumc@pld.com

SOUL Patrol Registration

SOUL Patrol Registration is now LIVE! Use the QR Code to get your littles signed up TODAY!

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First United Methodist Church

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